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Dear__, is an archaeological excavation documented through installations and photographs. Two main dig sites were surveyed. Using a non-probabilistic sampling technique, I set out to explore the boundaries of the ranch where my father was raised. I also excavated, with systematic sampling, the suburban home where I spent my childhood.


A vast amount of site records were located prior to the dig. Cross referencing these records with excavated relics help to clarified our relationship. Presented here is the survey report summarizing the findings.


The materials displayed are a combination of recovered artifacts and objects I crafted.

Archaeological Dig Site I
aerial photograph, Flagged 

Lineage Assemblage


Photographs silkscreened onto wood

Neil Minard Alexander
Diagnostic Artifact, circa 1955

Artifact II

Reproduction Replica 

circa 1950

In Situ II

Neil Minard Alexander, Senior Portrait 

Artifact I

Attribute I

Pending tagging

Attribute I

Degenerative Scan 

Archaeological Dig Site II


Dendrochronology (Tree-Ring Dating)

Paternal Grandmother

Dig Site I

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